Memorable string* generator

* "String" is used in computer science to refer to any finite sequence of characters (i.e., letters, numerals, symbols and punctuation marks).

This memorable string generator creates a random string, but it is NOT totally random unlike most random string generators out there. It does its best to make the structure of the string wordlike; consonants and vowels to alternate; so you could actually remember it.

Some use cases I have run up to are as follows:

Generate random username

There are many sites out there that have a user base in millions and thus most of the sensible or more common usernames are already taken. Sometimes you want to have a username there with no connection to your real name, your usual internet pseudonym or nickname or similarity/logic with your other username(s) there. It might be for a throwaway account, to avoid connecting the information you share with you in any way. This memorable string generator allows you to generate a username or generate some ideas, inspiration, for you to create it.

Generate memorable password

Most random passwords are so random that:

you have to write them down somewhere to be able to log in
This beats most of the purpose of having a random password.
  • If you lose (access to) the place you wrote it down to, you will also lose access to the place you used the password with.
  • The place you wrote it down must itself be safe from hackers accessing it either through social networking or plain access.
Sure, recently it has become popular to have password managers. It's helpful, yes, but they also need to have a master password... And this one really should be memorable. Also, you mostly cannot use password manager for your computer login etc, as you need to log in to computer to access your password manager...
it is easy to make mistakes writing them
It would just be much easier if you could just remember the password.

There are sites out there that already offer memorable passwords as part of their service, but I have yet to see a generator being available for public use.

... probably more

I am certain there are other ways it could be useful to someone - as random seed for security (although this might be better to be absolutely random), generated memorable link, gag text, etc -, but it's up to users to find them.

What it is NOT

It is NOT random dictionary words

The strings generated may be dictionary words (nothing is done to avoid it), but most likely they are not. It could happen just because of the nature of randomness, especially if the generated words are short, but the web site does not have access to dictionary in any way.

It is NOT completely random

As part of making the randomly generated strings memorable is making them more memorable, it introduces some structure which removes some of the randomness.

It is NOT always unique

At this point in time, nothing has been done to make them unique.

It is NOT perfect

It is not perfect. For example, as it is currently, it doesn't use y and w as part of the strings as these characters need special attention in what they are surrounded by to be able to make it pronounceable and thus memorable. Also, there is never two or more vowels in row in the string. This is both limiting the number of different strings it is possible to create as well as making them a little bit less random.

The logic could be made to have them and possibly will be. It is still pretty freshly created and I might get to making it better. Any civil comments, feedback, suggestions and criticism is welcome.